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  • Aromathai Spa
  • 2 Elms Square
  • Bury New Rd
  • Whitefield
  • Manchester
  • M45 7SZ


By lighting up the candle it melts into an extraordinary warm massage oil. You will find yourself indulging in the pleasure of the smooth and warm texture of the oil on your skin. It not only helps relax your whole body but also helps soothes your skin.  Soft and relaxing.


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5 stars
18 Oct 2020

wow! it was a amazing candle massage , i had a candle massage with lady name tigist she magic ! hands and great experience i was really enjoy it and felt so relaxing and free stress the room of massage so cute and quiet , so i recommended for any one looking for release stress and enjoyable ,


5 stars
16 Oct 2020

just wowow ! i have got a amazing massage and great. was magic hand with lady name tigist ..she was fabulous .. she got quite strong hand and experience i was really enjoyed , and i recommending to any one looking for so professional and enjoyable massage .....the room it self was so cute and quiet , i can.t wait to book once again! soon


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