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Algae Kelp Facial (For Sensitive, Dry Skin)


This facial is suitable for sensitive, dull and unnourished skin. The algae kelp mask contains minerals like calcium, fluorine and magnesium that contributes to a more radiant skin tone.

After a calming welcome massage, your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated which helps get rid of dead skin cells and bad deposits left over in the pores. Then, our facial massage milk blended with honey cream is applied by massage to rejuvenate the skin, making your skin look brighter and firmer. After massaging the face, a mask is applied using plant extracts, including brown algae kelp found in the deep ocean, and this is applied onto the skin to regenerate skin cells and tissue. This helps the skin look firmer, younger and more radiant. Finally, an application of moisturising cream completes the treatment and leaves the skin fresh, radiant and hydrated

Contraindication for this treatment: New scars, cut skin and extreme inflammation from any conditions and the client cannot use the Iontophoresis machine if; pregnant, has a pacemaker, epileptic, history of heart disease or other medical condition and severe skin conditions.


Duration Price
30 mins £30.00
60 mins £60.00


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