Relaxing Massage & Body Scrub


Relaxing massage and body scrub (1hr)

This treatment is combined with a full body massage and exfoliation, whether you want super softer skin or relaxation.  For the first 30 minutes, you will be massaged with Aromathai jasmine massage oil for better blood circulation and muscle relaxation, and then the body is exfoliated with our special jasmine Rice Body Scrub to eliminate dead skin cells. This helps alleviate any roughness and invigorate the entire body by activating microcirculation. After the body is exfoliated, the milky skin care is lightly massaged onto the skin to moisturize and make the skin even softer. Finally, the jasmine moisturising cream is applied, leaving your skin softer, refreshed and naturally jasmine-scented.

1 hr  £60.00

6 one hour treatments only £300.00

Contraindication for this treatment: new scars cut skin and extreme inflammation from any conditions.


Duration Price
60 mins £60.00


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