Collagen Eye Treatment


This treatment can reduce puffiness around your eyes, reduce dark circles and gently smooth out lines and wrinkles, brightening and hydrating the skin.

This ultra-relaxing eye treatment begins with a cleanse with our facial cleansing milk lotion and a gentle massage of the eye area using our collagen lift eye gel with extracts from Aloe-Vera, used in conjunction with an isotonic eye machine; this can help heal and moisturize the skin around the eyes. Then the collagen mask patch is used under the eye bag areas, and the algae kelp mask will be used to cover over the eyes. Finally, the eyes will be massaged with the collagen eye lift gel and moisturizing cream. 

We recommend our clients to do one every week to maintain the best result.

45 mins £40

6 treatments £200

Please note: Contraindication for this treatment: New scars, cut skin and extreme inflammation from any conditions. And the client cannot be use the Iontophoresis machine if : pregnant, has a pacemaker, epileptic, a history of heart disease, severe skin conditions or other medical conditions, however we can do the treatment without using the machine.


Duration Price
45 mins £40.00


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